TuLaR (Tupían Language Resources)

TuLaR (Tupían Language Resources) is an ongoing project being compiled within the CrossLingference project that collects linguistic (lexical, morphological, and syntactical) and ethnographic data related to the Tupían languages. The data is made available under CC licenses. TuLaR comprises five databases all of which are work-in-progress in different stages of completion.

TuLaR publications

  • Aragon, C. & Ferraz Gerardi, F. The typology of grammatical relations in Tuparian languages, with special focus on Akuntsú. In Language Change and Linguistic Diversity: studies in honour of Lyle Campbell. Thiago Chacon, Nala Lee and Wilson Silva (editors). Chapter 11 (forthcoming).
  • Ferraz Gerardi, Fabrício & Reichert, Stanislav & Aragon, Carolina. (2021) TuLeD (Tupían Lexical Database): Introducing a database of a South American language family. Language Resources and Evaluation. DOI 10.1007/s10579-020-09521-5
  • Ferraz Gerardi, Fabrício & Reichert, Stanislav. (2021) The Tupí-Guaraní language family: a phylogenetic classification. Diachronica.

  • Fabrício Ferraz Gerardi, Stanislav Reichert, Carolina Aragon, Johann-Mattis List, & Tim Wientzek. (2020). CLDF dataset derived from Gerardi and Reichert's "TuLeD: Tupían lexical database" from 2020 (Version v0.10) [Data set]. DOI

  • Ferraz Gerardi, Fabrício. (2020) The Structure of Mundurukú (ongoing work). Tübingen.

  • Ferraz Gerardi, Fabrício & Reichert, Stanislav & Blum, Frederic (2020) TuMoD: Tupían Morphological Database (to be published). Universität Tübingen.

  • Godoy, Gustavo & Ferraz Gerardi, Fabrício & Carolina Aragon (2021). Tupían Ethnographic Database (to be published). Universität Tübingen

  • Fabrício Ferraz Gerardi, Stanislav Reichert, Tim Wientzek, Verena Blaschke, Eric de Mattos, Zhuge Gao, and Nianheng wu. (2019). LanguageStructure/TuLeD: Pre-release (version 0.9). Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.