Language Anambe Ehrenreich

Coordinates WGS844°30'S, 50°30'W
-4.50, -50.50
Concept Orthographic form Tokens Simple Cognate Partial Cognate Notes Morphemes
Pulmonic Consonants
Place → Labial Coronal Dorsal Laryngeal
↓ Manner Bilabial Labio­dental Linguo­labial Dental Alveolar Palato-
Retroflex Alveolo-
Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal
/ Epiglottal
Nasal m  n ɲ ŋ
Stop p b t k  g ʔ
Sibilant affricate ts
Non-sibilant affricate
Sibilant fricative s ʃ
Non-sibilant fricative v h
Approximant j
Flap or tap
Trill r
Lateral affricate
Lateral fricative
Lateral approximant
Lateral flap
Front Near-front Central Near-back Back Close Near-close Close-mid Mid Open-mid Near-open Open nasalized unrounded close front vowel iunrounded close front vowel ɨunrounded close central vowel urounded close back vowel rounded close back with-high_tone vowel nasalized rounded close back vowel nasalized unrounded close-mid front vowel eunrounded close-mid front vowel orounded close-mid back vowel nasalized unrounded open front vowel ãːlong nasalized unrounded open front vowel aunrounded open front vowel
Other phonemes
ia from unrounded close front to unrounded open front diphthong
nd from voiced alveolar nasal to voiced alveolar stop cluster
w voiced labio-velar approximant consonant
mb from voiced bilabial nasal to voiced bilabial stop cluster
uẽ from rounded close back to nasalized unrounded close-mid front diphthong